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About Purple Hat

At 5’ 5¾” and of stocky build, the founder of Purple Hat spent years having to buy and wear XL size shirts from premium brands. While these shirts fit in the collar and shoulders, they fail to fit anywhere else. Conventional menswear assumes because his collar size is 18” that he is over 6ft tall and around 16st! The sleeves are way too long, resulting in excess fabric bunching in the arms, while the length of the shirts fall almost to the knees, with huge excesses of fabric around the body giving the appearance of being even shorter and stockier.

Purple Hat was launched to ensure that men under the height of 5’8” will no longer be underserved by conventional menswear brands; but be able to buy top quality clothes that fit properly and give confidence to the wearer.

At Purple Hat Menswear it’s the small things that count. We have developed a sizing system that specifically takes into account height, weight and body shape to deliver proportional sized ready-to-wear clothing that is made using only the best fabrics and skilled makers.

We have started with a range of casual shirts designed to be worn for any occasion and are currently developing a more extensive range that will be available soon to dress the Purple Hat man from top to toe.